Fuck the Facebook

Ok. Ok. Ok.  We all love the Facebook.  But, we all also know that it can really fuck some shit up too.  Especially your mood if you let it.

Social media is lying to you.

Social Media supplements our belief that the truth is a real thing.  The people we follow are like us, mainly think like us, and post content that suits us.  Why would we have it any other way?  People spend hours each day on social media only being fed the stuff they want to see and what they believe to be TRUE.

Imagine yourself as a boat on a lake.  Let’s say a bunch of your Facebook “friends” are also boats.  (“WTF Jason?”  I know, bear with me).  All of you are out on the lake over July 4th.  Y’all decide to tie together out in the open water.  Pretty soon you have 10 to 15 boats all hanging out and having a blast.

There are 2 concepts here.  one, that you are you and solely you trapped in your “boat” of truth.  No one can get in.  and two, All your buddy “boats” of truth are all hanging out together in a group.  They are still them and you are still you all hanging together thinking this is the life and that red truly is RED.

You are sheltered in your party barge of “truth” boats to a broader truth.  If you took a moment and looked out over the water and saw the other boats way off in the distance and looked on the shore at the houses and people, you would realize that there is more to this life then my party barge.

You would realize there is more to life than your Facebook feed.

It is most definitely lying to you.

Social Media is dividing us

Most of your news feed is our “truth” party barge.  But, there are some additional friends that have slipped in because you thought you remembered them from high school later to find out they didn’t even go to your high school.  These randoms will likely get your bitch ass panties in a twist.  They will say something counter intuitive to your beliefs, your truths…

You see how the “Truth” gets us in trouble? Remember the TRUTH doesn’t exist.

Anyway… the randoms will say some condescending, idiotic statement about such and such.  You, being fully aware that your truth is the only truth, have to make some snarky comment about their lack of education, their mom, and how their kid looks like Gollum from lord of the rings.  And there you have it… you just started a social media war.

The thing is, you never would have said those things to that guys face because, have you seen him?  He’s huge.  He would pummel you in an albeit idiotic and condescending way.

Plan view anonymity.  You can post it, share it, say it in plan view of everyone with minimal fear of repercussion.  That’s you AND them.  No wonder we have gotten so divided.

What do you actually get out of Social Media?

Widdle it down.  See other peoples’ shit. See other peoples’ successes (which make you feel like shit). See political bullshit. And puppies and kittens.  Thank God for puppies and kittens.

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