1. Intro
  2. Fuck this clown
    1. Time to change.  Time to kill the weak persona and get back to bad ass.
  3. The Truth
    1. There is no truth.  This is what fucks us up. we are wrong about everything.
  4. Fuck the Facebook
    1. it’s lying to you
    2. it’s dividing us
    3. What do we get out of it
  5. Shit Happens
    1. All life is a struggle. get shit from the buddah
  6. You suck.  It’s cool.
    1. Take yourself down a notch.  Don’t compare yourself to others.
  7. Mony Mony
    1. Relationship with money.
  8. Enjoy the journey
    1. Don’t know what to do?  Focus on the journey not the destination. Make sure you’re on the right journey
  9. Measure Dicks
    1. How are you measuring success?  Metrics/values
  10. Positivity Blows
    1. Life sucks sometimes. accept it… may have to do away with this chapter.
  11. Accept It
    1. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you.
  12. Oh, The Games we play
    1. You win at not doing laundry… you can make your dirty underwear go farther.  Play different games.
  13. Move Me
    1. just do it. this breeds inspiration.
    2. 2 dos.  There is the relationship do. and the physical do.
  14. Reign it in bro
    1. focus dude.  Stop giving a fuck about all that other shit.  It doesn’t matter.
  15. Deathmatch 2000
    1. Keep it in perspective.  You are going to die.  What are you going to leave behind?  How will you be remembered?  Are you doing today what you need to to leave that legacy?
  16. The Best You
    1. Don’t become someone else.  Be true to you. Be honest with yourself.  I will never be a mark zuckerburg… but i can be a damn good jason lancaster.