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Here I will discuss about things that are holding you back… And how to let go of them.

I love Netflix. I mean the shit is crack. Not just Netflix but all streaming services. And Not just streaming services but media. I will sit and binge on a new season of whatever new show is out. I love it.

The way that we consume media today is so different from years past. We’d get a half hour or an hour of our favorite show and then we’d have to wait until next week. The show’s over…now go back to your life. The thing is… The show is never over now. I have stayed up until 3am watching shows. Mutliple times.

Candy crush…toy blast, angry birds… Whatever the games are now. I actually don’t even know anymore because I have removed all games from my phone. Golf Blast got me bad… Same thing… Continue until 3am. So dumb.

Why does this happen? Why do we allow ourselves to become prey to this consumption of media?

Ha! This section is about vices and I’m talking about Netflix and Candy crush. How different is that from years past? I guess I should address the most common like smoking, drinking, gambling.

The point is… You need to identify those things that you are doing that may be preventing you from feeling better.

I know that we have talked about not giving a fuck. About changing our perception of what life is supposed to be and how we are supposed to feel in it, but there are some things we can do (and some things we can abstain from) that will make us feel a bit better or not fuck our shit up.

I’m not even talking about jut

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