I was melting like some real life Salvador Dali painting called 90 degree rush hour. The AC in my 85 Mercury grand Marquette was hardly working thus windows were dropped providing little relief. I was between job 1 and job 2 on my way home to waste a half hour. I could feel the bass, loud, powerful, it made my rearview mirror rattle. I was fearful it would shake the mirror right off. Everything on that car was falling apart. It wasn’t my bass. It wasn’t my stereo. I wasn’t bumpin’. It was the car next to me. Young guy, mid 20s, t-shirt, shorts, not a care in the world… He had a sweet ride. It was awesome. HE had a sweet ride. Him. That guy. There. HE has a sweet ride. Where’s my sweet ride damn it?! How does that guy afford that kind of car. This is bullshit.

There will be a number of principles that you are likely lacking. We will go through

Fuck this life. This is not what you were put here to do. This is not who you were supposed to be. This is not how your life was to be scripted. You thought that life would be different at this point and… It’s not. It’s shit. Your job sucks. Your boss sucks. Your relationships suck. You’re as broke as the tooth fairy in a house full of meth heads. Maybe it’s your house. Maybe it’s your meth head.

You’re more than this. It’s time for a change.

Did I go too far? I bet I’m close, at least for some things. But, seriously I’m probably right about much of it.

But where to go, what to do, and more importantly… how?

This book will guide you through some pretty profound life changing concepts that you have missed. Things you can do NOW. Light bulb moments that will change everything.

Years ago, I got divorced. It was very hard. I did not take it well. I had 2 small children. At that moment in my life I didn’t know what was next. You live your whole life with a certain way or path… Graduate high school, go to college, meet someone, get married, buy a house, have kids, live happily ever after… pretty fucking mundane shit. But thats the plan. Thats what you think life is supposed to be. There isn’t an instruction manual for being divorced.

But what do you do when divorce is thrown into the mix? There is no happily ever after or so you think. How can you actually go on?

Well, life does go on with or without you. And you will be ok.

My divorce taught me many things but the one thing relevant to you, me, and everyone is that your reality can change fully and completely, instantly.

I spent the next couple years re-watching movies I had seen pre-divorce. Not like I was out to watch every movie I had ever seen but, that as I would occasionally see a movie or read a book those things resonated differently with me. The most profound of these movies was, of all things, Mrs. Doubtfire. Seriously. I wept. Like a little bitch. Full on Niagara falls. Here’s my man card.

See, my perspective had completely changed. I connected with Robbin Williams (oh, in so many ways) like i didn’t pre-divorce. The movie had an entirely different meaning for me and it hurt, bad. The drama of the movie was somewhat lost on me pre-divorce. Post-divorce. Wow! What an amazingly sad, strong, uplifting movie. This is stupid, I know but I am also pretty sure that you have probably had similar experiences. Especially if you have been divorced.

Here is the good news. Change was instant. My truth had changed. What that means for you and for everyone is that your change can also be instant. Let’s create those instant changes for you. Let’s guide the change to bring joy back into your life.

Instantly change some things and gradually change others. Let this book be a guide. Let’s get you back to badass.

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